RISE UP & SHINE 7-Day Challenge!
Presented by Michelle Free-Woeckener - Online Business Strategist + Faith Based Coach
Taught by Jess Ledwell - Speaker + Morning Routines Specialist
FREE live challenge May 3-11
Do you stuggle with the desire to WAKE UP in the mornings and start your day right?

Do you want to have a good QUIET TIME with God, but need help to MAKE the time?

Do your mornings need a BOOST that is better than coffee?!


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Michelle Free-Woeckener

Featuring faith-based encouragement, inspiration and motivation. Michelle shares heartfelt life lessons and practical applications to help find your clarity and focus.

Michelle's focus is to help women who know they have a call on their lives from God. Her coaching tools and teaching are geared towards helping clarify the journey, and build both faith and practical business skills to take action in realizing your life purpose.

Jess Ledwell

Jess is a writer, teacher, and speaker based in Atlanta Georgia. She works as an Associate Discipleship Director at a local church with her husband, Jordan. She has two children, Lochlan and Asher. 

Jess is passionate about teaching the gospel, creating powerful and positive morning habits, and leading those who want to start something new. Whether it be a new season, dream, job or a relationship, starting something new can be daunting; but with right tools, a little encouragement, and a few laughs, anyone embark on a new journey. 
Can you imagine finally ROCKING mornings, instead of having them ROCK you?!
Join us as you decide Claim...
I AM a morning person!
Wakeup Call #1
Whenever we choose to start something new in our lives we are faced with a STRUGGLE.  It's like walking into the DESERT... Climb on board the struggle bus with us as we journey to FREEDOM!
Wakeup Call #2
It seems we fall into two camps... Morning person and NOT a morning person.  Don't beat yourself up!  We can be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of our MINDS!
Wakeup Call #3
God's mercies are NEW every morning!  God is FAITHFUL, and he will meet you as you STEP OUT in faith to meet with Him! If you miss a morning, know that you have a NEW morning waiting just for you!